Top 6 Reasons Make Eco-friendly Furniture More and More Popular

eco-friendly furniture

Taking care of the planet is our duty of all of us and a sustainable way to grow things. But how to start with furniture? Investing in eco-friendly furniture is increasing in popularity because of its connotations. Related: 5 Thrifty Places to Find Used Furniture and Home Appliances Online In the furniture industry, there are….

Ridevoyager Reviews: Eco-Friendly Bikes and Electric Scooters

Ridevoyager Reviews

Greenhouse gas emissions from transportation mainly come from burning fossil fuels for our internal combustion vehicles like motorcycles, cars, or airplanes. We all know that people are facing a fossil fuel crisis and excessive emissions Greenhouse gas emissions are warming the earth. In contrast, electric vehicles and bicycles are zero-emissions, environmentally friendly, and encourage outdoor….

Top 5 Best Bamboo Bedsheets for Eco-Friendly Bedding

Best Bamboo Bedsheets for Eco-Friendly Bedding

When it comes to the environmental impact of choosing beddings, bamboo bedsheets have become quite trendy in the sustainable bedding industry. Meanwhile, traditional mattresses are considered difficult to recycle. Reselling or even donating a used mattress can also be difficult due to concerns about hygiene or the spread of bed bugs. We all never want….

Clicques Reviews: Handmade and Child-safe Wooden Toys

clicques Wooden Toys reviews

Many of the hottest toys on the market right now are very diverse in terms of designs and materials. It can be a little confusing when choosing an age-appropriate gift for your child that meets multiple criteria: beautiful, high-quality, educational, but also a long-lasting sustainable toy for your children as well as a fun decoration….

Top Reasons To Buy Products Made from Organic Cotton

Top Reasons To Buy Products Made from Organic Cotton

The world demand for cotton is huge. Cotton is being produced at a production rate of 25 million tons a year. However, conventional cotton is sprayed with some of the worst pesticides to ensure yields. Those and other harmful chemicals involved in cotton production pollute waterways and harm farmers’ health. Related article: How to Make….

10 Sustainable Yoga Mats for Your Home Workout

eco-friendly yoga mat

Most yoga mats today are made from PVC, a type of plastic known as polyvinyl chloride, which has a synthetic smell. Yoga mats during use release volatile organic compounds, or VOCs, that we can breathe in and that can affect your health. Related article: 5 Ways To Help You Lose Weight and Save the Earth….

Sustainable Habits to Adopt At Home

Sustainable Habits

Living sustainably can bring you many benefits. It can help you improve your quality of life, preserve natural resources, and protect the environment from irreversible damage. It’s no wonder why so many people are choosing sustainable lifestyles nowadays. Related article: Top 7 Ways to Decorate Your Home Sustainably Surveys show that around 64% of Americans….

Top Benefits of Being Outdoors and Physical Activity

Benefits of Being Outdoors and Physical Activity

In today’s disruptive technology age, people spend so much time indoors that some outdoor activities are put aside. After working in the inactive office, you may want to get out and do your favorite outdoor recreational activities. The time when people go out and be in nature without being interrupted by a text message or….

Food Storage Guys Reviews: Vegan & Organic Emergency Food Storage

Food Storage Guys Reviews

You never know when a hurricane, tornado, earthquake, or pandemic could strike and leave you and your family stranded with nothing to survive. Whenever disaster strikes, people fall into a state of panic. If there is no food and water to store, then you will have to race for life until you are rescued. That’s….

Top 7 Facts and Trends about E-Waste in 2023

Facts and Trends about E-Waste

Technology is evolving at a fast rate. New electronic devices are manufactured every year, only to be replaced by better, more advanced models. While tech advancement is inherently beneficial, the accelerated speed by which it progresses poses many problems. For instance, when devices become unusable or obsolete, they can turn into electronic waste. E-waste pertains….