Top Reasons To Buy Products Made from Organic Cotton

Top Reasons To Buy Products Made from Organic Cotton

The world demand for cotton is huge. Cotton is being produced at a production rate of 25 million tons a year. However, conventional cotton is sprayed with some of the worst pesticides to ensure yields. Those and other harmful chemicals involved in cotton production pollute waterways and harm farmers’ health. Related article: How to Make….

How to Make More Ethical & Conscious Fashion Choices

Ethical & Conscious Fashion

As we strive to take care of our planet, it’s essential that we reduce our consumption and waste of goods like clothing, shoes, and household items. Unfortunately, the fast fashion industry has a large carbon footprint — it’s responsible for up to 1.2 billion tons of carbon dioxide being released each year. While reducing this….

What to do with old Jeans? Keep Your Old Jeans a New Life

Handmade Jeans coffee carrier

The fast fashion trend is condemned to hugely wasteful global for the environment and human life. It produces a series of trendy, cheap clothes with lightning-fast spin, but it’s worth noting that it has been the biggest fashion trend in recent years. The kind of clothes known in the fashion industry that causes the most….