A beautiful house, the presence of trees is essential. Using and arranging trees in accordance with each position is not easy. Refer to the tips following to create a green space for you to have fresh, cool air to every position of the house.

For the front yard

The front yard is the first meeting point that attracts everyone’s eyes and enjoys the fresh air created by the green space. Therefore, to build a green space for your house, we certainly can not ignore this part. Here, you can grow some flowers, some suitable bonsai, easy to take care and have high heat-resistant properties.

Usually, rural houses will have a larger area than the villas in big cities, which will make it easier to design the green space in the front yard area. Green grass can be grown with walkways made of stone square tiles lined up to create a neat walkway.

Green balcony

The balcony is heavily influenced by the weather, especially hot weather, so choosing plants that are able to withstand hot weather will keep the balcony green and you will not spend too much time take care of the tree.

You can completely integrate the decoration of the facade in the balcony area, the effect that it brings is also great, creating a highlight for the overall exterior of the building.

You can grow creepers, conifers, herbs, vegetables, shrubs, and even dwarf trees. If you want to change or uniqueness, you should lean over to more colorful and sometimes intensely fragrant flowers and beautiful foliage plants such as Impatiens, Verbena, Marigolds, Petunia…


The way to create a green space for a house is to decorate the terrace. You can design a rooftop garden, with useful crops to become a clean material garden, a clean vegetable garden for the family.

In addition, in an ideal and spacious space like this, you can integrate a small white swing in the small green forest or place a set of tables and chairs to rest under the fresh air.

An iron wire truss above to grow vines, covering forming an ecological roof is necessary. Underneath it is easy to hang a number of different flower pots to create diversity in the ecosystem for the open space house in the rooftop area.
Some flowers you should grow on the terrace for a green space such as Thuja species, cactus, sedum, Ivy…


There are many ways to design the green space for stairs such as decorating under or beside the stairs, you can design a mini landscape. In fact, the houses in the city today are often quite limited, so the design of landscape or layout of trees is carefully considered so as not to affect the construction area and under the stairs. The most perfect choice.

Space is not too much, but if arranged appropriately, the house will be spacious and more beautiful. Here, you can leave some small bonsai pots, with plants like Hostas, Lysimachia, Carex, Salvias …

Other positions in the house

In addition to the above-mentioned locations, the way to create a green space for the house is also placed in different positions. In some other positions in the house such as walls are decorated with vines and tables in the living room or working desk, we can place more bonsai pots to suit our preferences.

No matter what the area, you can consider designing a green space by learning about how to create green space for your house.

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