When it comes to the environmental impact of choosing beddings, bamboo bedsheets have become quite trendy in the sustainable bedding industry. Meanwhile, traditional mattresses are considered difficult to recycle. Reselling or even donating a used mattress can also be difficult due to concerns about hygiene or the spread of bed bugs.

We all never want to see pads end up in landfills where they take up a lot of space. Depending on the material used, they may break down very slowly in a landfill or never completely decompose. So, the material to create bedding is important to the environment.

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bamboo forest to create bedding sheets

Let’s explore the sustainability of bamboo, the environmental benefits of bamboo bedsheets, and a few eco-friendly bamboo bedsheet brands below.

Cozy Earth bamboo bedsheets

Cozy Earth offers luxury bedding and loungewear known for its incredible softness and temperature regulation.

Cozy Earth bamboo bedsheets are the softest ever. They boast a closed, environmentally safe process for producing bamboo viscose panels. Cozy Earth’s closed-loop system recycles water and recovers the chemicals involved in the processing of bamboo into fabric. They ensure the amount of water coming out of the process is safe for the environment.

With super soft fabric and ensures that clothes and bed sheets do not clump even after machine washing, Cozy Earth bamboo bedsheets are diverse from bamboo bed sheets to beddings, t-shirts. Most of their products come with a warranty of up to 10 years.

The Cozy Earth bamboo panel set costs $319 for a couple, or you can buy individual panels at different prices. Cozy Earth bamboo bedsheets have many different color options, you can easily choose the right bamboo bedsheet to match your bedspread with your duvet cover.

Ettitude Bamboo Bedsheets

Ettitude Bamboo bedsheets are made from CleanBamboo, a signature lyocell bamboo sourced from forests certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Ettitude innovative CleanBamboo fabric is soft like silk, breathable like cotton, cooling and hypoallergenic. All Ettitude products are Climate Neutral certified. CleanBamboo fabric is manufactured in such a way that it is environmentally friendly, easy to recover, and uses less water. Papers are sent in reusable packaging and the company donates 1% of its profits to institutional environments.

Ettitude Bamboo Bedsheets

Nolah Mattress bamboo bedsheets

Nolah Mattress has all the products you can think of for your bed, including mattresses and sheets. This eco-friendly Nolah Mattress brand is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and Oeko-Tex 100 certified, which means their products are of high quality while being sustainably produced and free of harmful substances. .

Nolah Mattress bamboo bedsheets uses 100% bamboo material and white sheets will match any bedroom. Nolah bamboo bedsheets have a soft, smooth and silk-like feel that will help you sleep comfortably. The soft and breathable bamboo sheets feel incredibly soft on your skin while moisturizing, regulating temperature and keeping allergens away.

The company also offers good sales like free shipping and returns with a 120-night trial period to make sure you’ll fall in love with these plush linens.

Cariloha bamboo bedsheets

Cariloha offers soft, luxurious bedding, clothing and bathing suits made from bamboo, one of the most renewable resources on the planet.

Cariloha bamboo bedsheets are created with sustainability in mind, repel allergens, and provide antibacterial protection against odors, bacteria, mold and toxins.

Cariloha guarantees no harmful chemicals in the production of bamboo products according to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and is certified as eco-friendly. Products are manufactured in a Fair Trade Certified factory.

Available in a variety of colors and designs, Cariloha linens start at $179 for a couple. Conscious consumers can also choose how they want to brand to offset their carbon footprint by choosing an environmental project to fund.

Cariloha bamboo bedsheets

One Quince bamboo sheets

If you like organic bedding, consider One Quince bamboo sheets. One Quince organic bamboo bed sheets are crafted from the finest 100% viscose from organic bamboo which is one of the planet’s most resource-efficient materials. The price of One Quince bamboo sheets is about half that of others in its class and presents a luxurious, high-quality design. The fabric of One Quince bamboo sheets certified by GOTS is woven with 100% visco derived from the pulp of the renewable bamboo tree.

Learn about bamboo

Bamboo is an amazingly versatile plant in the production of eco-friendly alternatives. It can be made into modern flooring, compostable bamboo bedsheets and even fabric.

We only include here eco-brand bamboo bedsheets that meet USDA Organic or OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, testing all components of the woven fabric that bamboo bedsheets are made of to ensure that the item is safe for your family’s health.

The use of bamboo is on the rise in the sustainable industry as the material has many eco-friendly qualities. Bamboo grows quickly, and matures in 1 to 5 years, and requires very few chemicals and pesticides to grow. In addition, bamboo produces 35% more oxygen and absorbs 5 times more carbon dioxide than an equivalent tree mass. Once harvested, bamboo plants can regrow quickly from their own root system, which means it doesn’t need to be replanted and can also prevent soil erosion and landslides.

Currently, bamboo is being used as a raw material for furniture, fabrics, and even food. Bamboo shoots are a rich source of fiber and potassium, with minimal fat and calories.

Although bamboo seems to be an ideal resource, whether the product meets the ecological certifications depends on the production and use process. As demand increases, monoculture is affecting biodiversity, which has created problems for other organisms to lose their ideal habitat, affecting their eco-friendliness. it. Plus, most of the world’s bamboo is being grown in Asian countries, and shipping to other countries increases the country’s transport carbon footprint.

What to look for in bamboo sheets

From a sustainability point of view, bamboo might be a more earth-friendly option, but not every product really meets the eco-friendly criteria. This also depends on many variables in the manufacturing process such as the chemical process it goes through to become viscose, the amount of water and chemicals used, and the people doing the work may or may not be paid fairly. . Therefore, you should consider the following before you shop for bamboo bedsheets.


Certified products ensure your bamboo panels are safe and sustainable, like FSC, USDA Organic, or OEKO-TEX.

Textile composition

You’ll often see bamboo bedsheets with a 50/50 blend of bamboo and cotton, and sometimes you can come across a bamboo and poly blend. But 100% bamboo bedsheets are your best bet if you want all the benefits of bamboo, like less odor and a cool, silky sheet.


You will find Twills and sateen bamboo panels. Sateen is silkier, but this could mean more sliding in bed, which some people may find more comfortable, others less. Note that slippery Sateen can make your bed difficult to keep tidy. Twills will act a little more like cotton sheets, which you may be more familiar with.

Tips for care of your bamboo bedsheets

The bamboo bedsheets will be more sustainable and last longer when you care and use them carefully. Most bamboo products are machine washable. When using the washing machine, wash the bed sheets without another laundry to avoid lint. It is recommended that you wash your bed sheets in cold water to reduce fabric stretch and wear, as well as reduce energy when washing. Afterward. Hang to dry in the sun, making the bed sheets smell wonderful.

Tips for care of your bamboo bedsheets

Why choose bamboo bedsheets?

Environmental aspect – Bamboo is a self-regenerating plant that requires only one-third of the water used to grow cotton. It has more eco-friendly properties than cotton. While organic cotton has reduced the environmental impact of cotton growing, the process still needs improvement. Those interested in products that are eco-friendly, water-friendly, pesticide-free and renewable may prefer bamboo bedsheets.

Cost and Durability – Bamboo fabric is usually a bit more expensive than cotton. Both bamboo and cotton sets are highly durable if cared for properly. Bamboo fabrics require gentler cleaning cycles than cotton fabrics.

Comfort – The bamboo bed sheet has a silky feel, much softer than the average low-quality cotton set. Both are known for their thermoregulating and cooling effects. However, customers with sensitive skin may prefer bamboo, while hot sleepers who sweat through the night, may prefer cotton for its hygroscopic properties.


Overall, bamboo bedsheets are a great choice if you’re looking for an eco-friendly option. Luckily, you learned a bit about bamboo bedsheets in this article before making the right choice for you.

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