There are still many menstruating people unaware of a sustainable alternative to tampons: the menstrual cup. We all want it for free, any time of the month, and a menstrual cup can help. Menstrual cups are completely safe and effective and can save money and reduce water use and waste.

About Bfree Cup

Bfree cup is based in Canada, with local production, design, and development.

Menstrual cups were developed because menstrual cups already exist, even offering many benefits, but have the insurmountable barrier of requiring sterilization between cycles for continued safe use.

bfree cup uk reviews

In the end, being antibacterial and having minimal cleaning requirements becomes just one of the several added benefits of Bfree cups over other types of cups. See all the ways bfree mugs are truly the most revolutionary period product out there. Bfree’s mission is to extend the opportunity to bring its educational programs along with bfree cup to organizations and communities to help bring a solution to poverty into their communities and help protect the environment.

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Things you would love at Bfree Cup

Antibacterial surface

The Bfree mug has many features that set it apart. Bfree solves the important problem of keeping menstrual cups sterile. Bfree cup can break down barriers for menstruating people all over the world.

Model nature

Do not include any chemical microbicides in the manufacturing process, as the vagina is a thriving biome of healthy bacteria. A super-hydrophobic surface is effective all the time.

Physical antibacterial silicone

The process to create silicone with an additional slippery surface has been established. Design the world’s most reliable, comfortable menstrual cup, and design and conduct thorough reliability tests. this new Bfree technology.

Wash it off

Bfree silicone cup removes bloodstains even after 7 days of staining, while basic silicone is effectively dirty after a week and needs to be thoroughly disinfected to be considered hygienic.

bfree period cup reviews

Bfree Cup Customers Reviews

Kayla N.: “NO LEAKS! I was hesitant because I’ve previously used the diva cup and I found that during the night I would sometimes wake up having leaked onto my bed. I decided to try the Bfree Cup and I didn’t leak even once. I also like that I don’t have to boil it every time I have to use it. I love it so far!

Melinda L.: “I love this cup! Just used it for my first time after using another cup for a very long time (you know, that other Diva). This cup is very flexible for insertion. I never leaked once during my cycle. I always experienced leakage on my heavy days with the other cup. So happy to have tried this one.

Danielle: “Excellent product! I usually leak with the diva cup. I went my entire cycle using this cup and had 0 leaks. So comfortable and it made my period so stress-free. I would recommend it to everyone!

Sherry R.: “Going to be brutally honest here and a bit TMI.

Inserting the cup for the first time was awkward and difficult. But! After that first time, it wasn’t bad. Wearing the cup was surprisingly comfortable. Could feel minor pressure in my area, but not uncomfortable.”

Lindsey: “Having switched from the diva cup to this one, I had to make some adjustments to how I insert and remove the cup, which led to some leaks while I figured it out. Still, I find this cup much more comfortable to wear and I love that I don’t have to boil it, nor does it immediately stain the way the diva cup did!

Anonymous: “The best purchase I’ve made in years! I’ve never been a fan of using pads or tampons and always dreaded having my period. I decided to give menstrual cups a chance and bought a size 1. Once you learn how to use it properly (I got the hang of it by my second period), you don’t feel a thing! No leaking, no mess, no waste! It’s changed my life and I forget I even have my period. I love the Bfree cup since there’s no need for boiling or buying extra cleansers. Hassle-free and comes in the cutest packaging.

Veronica: “Awesome cup! I was previously using the Athena cup from Amazon but returned it as I had such a hard time taking it out. The smaller cup size didn’t work for me due to anatomy and a heavier flow, but the larger size was perfect! Zero leakage and didn’t feel it at all. The ball-shaped tip made it so much easier to grip and pull out. I liked the firmer material as well. It was a bit of a learning curve getting it in, but it feels more secure than a softer cup if that makes sense. I’m so happy that I can take this camping /traveling since it’s no-boil!! The quest for the perfect cup is finally over. Love the inclusive education efforts to help end period poverty as well!

Michelle: “Overall a great purchase. I’ve used it through one cycle and it holds much more than my last cup (from a different brand). I like the large ball on the end which makes it easy to take out. Insertion is a little trickier than my last cup, but the lack of leakage makes up for that con. Overall, very happy.

 L.S.: “I have tried a few other cups over the ten years of using one and this one is by far the easiest to get a good seal with. It can make it a little harder to pop in initially but after getting used to it I find it easy. Also, it’s really convenient for travel. No need to worry about carrying soap around or running out somewhere where buying safe soap is impossible.

Lindsy: “Great customer service. I originally ordered the two most common sizes, after receiving them in the mail I realized that those weren’t going to work for me. After contacting customer service, they sent me a different size completely free, and this time it worked perfectly! I would definitely recommend this product!!

Katrina A.: “I needed a replacement cup for my previous cup of 12+ years. I did a little research before selecting another and landed on the Bfree cup and I’m really glad I did. I got 2 sizes, which is helpful for different flow days and there is definitely less leaking than with my previous cup. It does insert a little differently from my old cup, but nothing that a little practice can’t take care of. Not only that, the cleaning for this cup is way less, just a quick wash and done, as opposed to soaking or boiling. Very pleased with this purchase!

Bfree Cup Customers Reviews

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If you are using a menstrual cup for the first time, please check the full guide at Bfree Cup here.

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Final words

You can’t go wrong with eco-friendly menstrual cups, especially at Bfree Cup. They are more durable, reusable, zero waste, less resource-intensive, and safer for the environment, wildlife, and people. Make the right choice by choosing Bfree Cup eco-friendly menstrual cup for green education and the courage to make a real change.

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