Children today grow up without much knowledge of wildlife. Most of us aren’t sure what we can consistently do to help the plight of vulnerable animals around the globe. First, making small changes in the way we live our daily lives start with protecting the environment, not using wildlife products, and supporting businesses that support animal conservation. This edZOOcation review will show you what they offer and how they are protecting wildlife.

About edZOOcation (Wildlife Tree)

Wildlife Tree has changed its brand name to edZOOcation with the domain name edzôcation .com. edZOOcation is a retailer in the USA offering educational and entertaining animal-themed toys, gifts, and eco-friendly products.

edZOOcation’s mission is to teach people how to care for living things and understand their environment, by promoting interactive pretend play. Inspire children to be wildlife advocates by learning about animals through imagination and play.

edZOOcation box review

You can find your favorite animal in a wide variety of plush toys, pretend-to-play wings, ear and tail costumes, zoo-themed parties, and safaris through online shopping at edZOOcation. Learn through play and then defend what you love.

edZOOcation is protecting wildlife by taking care of wild, abandoned, unwanted, or injured wildlife and pets who take on the role of animal ambassadors during presentations and direct access to education. In addition, they donate 10% of their profits to educational programs and support zoos, animal conservation, and education organizations around the world.

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Things you would love at edZOOcation

  • Support zoos, conservation organizations as well as animal education organizations
  • edZOOcation products are made in the USA and support local businesses in Southern California
  • Environmentally friendly products are designed with quality and safety in mind
  • Excellent customer service, make sure you are satisfied with each item.

edZOOcation Reviews: Customers Reviews

Katy: (Review of edZOOcation™ Animal Education Subscription Box)
This box was an absolute hit with my son. The book is very well illustrated and the plushie was lifelike and cute. His favorite part was the pellet – it was equal parts gross and fantastic for a little boy.

Vicki Y.: “The red stuffed panda from edZOOcation was really cute (compared to some others I was looking at). My teenage daughter loved it; soft and cuddly!

Gigi: “We absolutely love our monthly box. We are currently homeschooling and it gives my son something to look forward to every month I love that the box is educationally jam-packed! We also love that our box makes a worldwide change by giving back to wildlife conservation. It makes a powerful movement in home and outside of our home. 5 stars!

Darrin C.: “Great Little Giveaways! I purchased dozens of these last year to dot the chain link fences behind the bleachers for our Rams high school softball senior night. They were a huge hit so I came back for dozens more to do the same again this year! Great company with great products and super quick shipping. Not sure how well they show in the picture, but the perfect size for what I needed!

Amanda: “Such a cute cow! A lovely soft plush with such an expressive face! It’s so hard to find brown cows so I’m very happy to have found this one!

Katy: “So cute and informative! The plush was a large size and super soft, my son LOVED his zebra. The book had a lot of simple-to-understand facts, and colorful photos, and was easy for my boys to read aloud. The straws, pencil, and bookmark were very cute but I was most impressed that a recipe card was included in the binder. We made the South African bread right away and made a whole night of it based on our box. Genuinely impressed and the value was great.

Bruce M.I.: “He’s been a really awesome give good quality and very comforting when you need a little buddy to hold.

Wild H.H.R.: “Boris the Boar is a rescued boar here at Wild Horse Haven, he had been attacked by dogs. He lives here now with the alpacas, sheep, and goats, and he has a little family now. The stuffed mini boars are awesome for the kids who visit the rescue to take home to remind them of meeting Boris.

S.:”Big fan of rodents. This plush is so cute and well made, I really like the mix of fluff and beans in his body. Well worth the price and I told almost everyone I know about how lovely this plush is. It even got delivered early! Hoping to see more rodents in the future. ❤️

edZOOcation FAQ

Does edZOOcation have eco-friendly products?

Yes, edZOOcation’s line of toys, bags and other items is eco-friendly.

How should I wash my stuffed animal?

Most edZOOcation stuffed animals can be cleaned with a gentle surface wash. Use a soft cloth moistened with water to gently wipe the surface. If you choose to use a gentle cleanser for cleaning, make sure the cleaner is eco-friendly first and wipe the animal with an absorbent cloth afterward to remove any cleaning residue.

I have a problem with my order. How can I get help?

Visit edZOOcation’s contact page and email them today to get it resolved soon.

What conservation groups does edZOOcation donate to?

edZOOcation donates a portion of its profits to support zoos, animal conservation, and education organizations worldwide, which actively fight to save species and conserve wildlife.

Check out the links to edZOOcation’s various Conservation Partners at the bottom of the homepage for information on their amazing contributions to species around the globe.

Contact edZOOcation

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Final words

In summary, edZOOcation (Wildlife Tree) prefers to source products from local businesses with values that are similar to what they are doing. Many of edZOOcation’s products they offer are eco-friendly, and the conservation Partners they support are doing animal protection. This means when you buy at edZOOcation, you will contribute a part to helping the plight of vulnerable animals around the globe. Hope this edZOOcation Review helps you understand more about how edZOOcation is worth it and decide to support animal conservation.

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