We can hear too much about the amazing health benefits of eating honey. If you are looking for a place to buy the best honey for your family, then you can visit The Honey Jar.

About The Honey Jar

Honey Jar is a family-owned company that specializes in pure natural honey.

The Honey Jar products

The Honey Jar started out with Honeyville’s honey business at local fairs and festivals. Honeyville Honey has great flavored whipped honey, jams and jellies, honey syrup and sauces.

The business was successful! But they are interested in more sustainable business.

Fuel costs continue to rise, and shipping honey from Southern Colorado is becoming expensive. This also means that their honey has a high ecological footprint and the cost for the product is also more expensive.

Fortunately, The Honey Jar has found a local demand for locally produced raw honey.

The Honey Jar started selling honey with sources from local beekeepers. This ensures their honey is always fresh and reasonably priced, without incurring long-distance travel costs.

In 2009, The Honey Jar started working on higher quality business expansion ideas. Now, they equip new technology, come up with new ideas, and take care of loyal customers.

You can find The Honey Jar products in glass jars to reduce plastic waste. Although there are still some products packed with plastic bags to guarantee quality like honey sticks, you can choose products with less plastic waste for your eco-friendly cart.

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Things you would love at The Honey Jar

  • Selling honey with sources from local beekeepers
  • Honey in glass jars
  • New technology
  • Outstanding customers service
  • Flat shipping rate
Honey in glass jars

The Honey Jar Customers Reviews

Jackie Martinez: “The honey is wonderful and I love my cute honey jar bag!! SaveTheBees!

Renee Baldenegro: “I had my first ever honey popcorn the other week at a stand and fell in love with it! Just ordered 4 bags

Melissa Stump Childers: “Does 1000 Clover honey sticks say Happy Early Valentine’s Day??!!
I think so! Thank you for the fast shipping and the yummy honey for my hubby!

Deonna Chadwell Tilelli: “I bought my first jar of honey from during spring, I then bought a gallon bucket soon after. I ran out of that bucket last week and didn’t buy more in time to not go without. I went back to the kind I bought from the grocery store that isn’t raw. What a difference! That honey was gross to me! The Honey Jar honey is so much better. I just got my new gallon bucket today and did a taste test just for fun with my daughter. She agrees the raw honey is better!

Mi Hui Blake: “I love Honey Corn it is delicious. I was introduced to Honey Jar products earlier this year by John Mayhew. Once you try it you’ll love it! I highly recommend the honey corn since you just can’t eat one. They make great gifts by themselves or making a gift basket for any occasion!

Kristen Erica Quinlan: “Amazing products and great company! I cannot wait to get my honey sticks in the mail!

Brandon Jamie Ross: “Love this place, love honey, just ordered more honey sticks. These guys are awesome good ol boys. We wired about their new shop.

Pam Judson-Braegger Wells: “Awesome good Honey and other sweet items! Can’t wait to get some!

The Honey Jar honey wedding favors

The Honey Jar FAQ

What is pure honey?

“Raw Honey” means honey that exists in the hive or obtained by extraction, sedimentation or filtration; and must not be heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit during manufacturing or storage, or pasteurization.

This means honey cannot be considered raw if it has been heated above 105 degrees.

Why does honey change in texture, color and taste?

The answer is simple, taste, color, and texture are determined by the source of the nectar the bees gather.

Taste can also be affected by the container and care should be taken during storage. The glass box maintains the original taste of the honey (if properly cleaned before filling). Plastic and metal cans can absorb chemicals into the honey and possibly alter the taste.

Raw honey can vary in color from very dark to almost colorless depending on the source of the flower.

Color can also be affected by age as honey often becomes darker with age. Another factor that gives honey’s color is the crystallization process.

Honey texture may depend on flower source. Clover honey tends to have a creamy consistency while almonds and dandelions are very coarse. Some have much lower water content and different chemical composition.

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Final words

Everyone wants to give their family the best and look to provide their children with the best of the best. When looking into The Honey Jar products for families, it is important to consider all of the effects of the products used. Please let assured that The Honey Jar’s products are earth-friendly, safe, and healthy for consumers.

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