For billions of years, our living environment has always been changing. However, until the present time when the environment is assessed to be changing and affecting humans negatively, the need to be aware of the problems around it also increases. With a host of natural disasters, global warming, erratic weather patterns and more, we need to know what kind of environmental problems our planet is facing.

Global warming

Scientists attribute global warming is caused mainly by greenhouse gases, which are emitted primarily by human being activities. Global warming leads to an increase in the temperature of the oceans and the Earth’s surface causing the breaking and melting of the Antarctic ice sheet, rising sea levels and changing wind direction leading to extreme weather such as flash floods, snowfall or excessive desertification…

 melting of the Antarctic ice sheet

Climate change

In recent years, the phrase “Climate Change” has paid much attention. It happens as a result of an increase in Global Warming. Climate Change in recent years has become a very difficult problem that needs to be overcome. It has various adverse impacts on nature and society such as the melting of polar ice, changing seasons, the emergence of new diseases, floods, frequent droughts and changes in weather patterns…


The planet’s population is reaching unsustainable levels, which has led us to face a shortage of resources such as water, fuel, and food. Overpopulation in underdeveloped and developing countries is straining already scarce resources.


Intensive agriculture produces food that is harmful to the environment through the use of chemical fertilizers and a large of pesticides. The livestock sector is also being assessed as one of the major sources of greenhouse gas emissions and global warming. Increasing population means consumption and emissions also increase accordingly. This has led to a lot of negative effects and a burden on the environment.


Pollution of air, water, and land requires millions of years to compensate. Industrial emissions and transport emissions are emitting a large fraction of many air pollutants. Heavy metals, nitrates, micro-plastics, etc., are determined to be in the pollutant toxins. The land is increasingly barren, faded, containing many toxins absorbed by the tree.


The causes of water pollution are due to oil spills, acid rain, urban wastewater, industrial wastewater …; air pollution is caused by various gases and toxins released by industries and factories and burning fossil fuels; Soil pollution is mainly caused by industrial waste, cultivation using chemical fertilizers, plant protection chemicals, heavy machinery …

Ozone Holes

The ozone layer is an invisible protective layer throughout the planet that protects us as well as other life on earth from harmful rays from the sun. The depletion of the ozone layer of the atmosphere is thought to be due to pollution caused by CFC compounds. Once these toxic gases reach the upper atmosphere, they cause a hole in the ozone layer, the largest of which is above Antarctica. CFCs are banned in many industries and consumer products. With many holes discovered, the incidence of skin and eye diseases is also increased. The ozone layer is valuable because it prevents UV radiation from harming the earth. This is one of the most important environmental issues today.

Biodiversity Loss

Human activities and population growth are leading to the extinction of species and habitats and loss of biodiversity. Ecosystems, which take millions of years to complete, will be in danger when any species is declining. Balancing the natural processes is very important to the existence of ecosystems and human activities also threaten that. An example of the Biodiversity Loss is the destruction of coral reefs in different oceans, which support the rich marine life, that caused by overexploitation and the consequences of Global Warming.

Degradation of natural resources

The decline of natural resources is an important environmental issue nowadays while the demand for human consumption is increasing. Fossil fuel consumption leads to greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for global warming and climate change. Globally, people are making efforts to research and exploit and convert to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, biogas and geothermal energy. But because of the high cost of building infrastructure for the exploitation of these renewable energy sources and their affordability, these resources are being exploited at a low rate.

Waste treatment

Over-consumption of resources and the generation of waste are creating a global crisis of waste disposal. Developed countries emit a lot of waste and dump their waste into the oceans and less developed countries.

Handling nuclear waste from nuclear power is having enormous health hazards around it. Plastic, fast food, packaging, and cheap electronic waste threaten human health due to pollution of water, soil, and air. Waste disposal is one of the urgent environmental concerns today.


Forests are reservoirs of natural carbon dioxide and produce fresh oxygen as well as help regulate temperature and precipitation and sustain the life of humans and creatures on earth. Every year, the forest area is decreasing due to the increasing population demand for more food and places to live. Deforestation simply wipes out the green cover and makes that land available for residential, industrial or commercial purposes.


Genetic Engineering

Genetic modification of food by biotechnology is called genetic engineering. Genetic modification of food has been used to increase yield and resistance to pests. However, scientists warn that genetically modified crops could cause serious environmental problems because a genetically modified gene could prove toxic to wildlife.

The need for change in our daily lives and many do not think that what they do will affect future generations. If humans continue to move forward in such a harmful way, then there is no future to consider. By raising awareness in your local community and your family about these environmental problems, you can help contribute to a more friendly and environmentally friendly place for you to live.

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