If you are a DIY enthusiast or looking to repair old furniture, epoxy resin will be the right solution for you. Epoxy resin provides a hard protective surface that helps protect your items from future damage.

About Craft Resin

Craft Resin will be your ultimate epoxy resin choice at an accessible price. Step by step, Craft Resin is refining its product and creating the ultimate epoxy resin.

With ever more optimized epoxy resin, your artwork will be guaranteed to remain intact and new for many years to come.

Epoxy wood tray

At Craft Resin, we pride ourselves on the results epoxy resins can give you.
The rapidly growing Craft Resin Company is the result of a collaboration between Sergio Hotin and Gor Kartel, who have spent years building the right brand for you.

maple dining table with the blue epoxy

All Craft Resin products are branded and are environmentally safe. As a general rule, epoxy, completely inert when catalyzed and therefore environmentally safe. Therefore, when using epoxy resin, it cannot pollute the environment. Plus, epoxy resins shouldn’t pose any concerns to your health.

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Things you would love at Craft Resin

  • Safe your health and the environment: Craft Resin is UV resistant, food-safe, non-toxic, no VOCs, no solvents, odorless, non-flammable, and non-hazardous. Epoxy resin is completely inert once catalyzed and thus environmentally safe.
  • Beautiful results: Designed to look gorgeous, strong, and durable.
  • All in one kit: This kit will give you everything you need to get started with Craft Resin, hardener; reusable mixing stick, and gloves
  • Crystal clear: Cures clear to a glass-like finish.
  • Easy to use: Craft Resin is self-leveling, its 1:1 mixing ratio, simply mix two-part epoxy: resin and hardener by volume.
Starter Kit Epoxy Resin reviews

Craftresin Customers Reviews

JEnnifer S.: “Best Resin for me – Good experience, hand on heart if you follow instructions there are no bubbles, when I mix my resin I use a small silicone-covered whisk it mixes so much quicker than using a stick, I still mix for 3minutes though. I love that it’s so clear and hasn’t ever discolored, great product.

T. Bolden: “This is very easy to use, Super clear and dries within 24hrs. It had little bubbles popped easily with a heat gun and torch. This has little to no smell mixes well with all the add-ins ( glitter, alcohol inks, resin tint, sand, crystals, glass, etc. This is my second purchase definitely won’t be my last.

Anna Veglahn: “As a tumbler maker, I have been looking for good brands of epoxy resin to purchase. I usually use quite a few coats to ensure added protection on all of my items. This epoxy resin kit worked great for my tumbler making hobby. It comes with good and clear instructions and seems to work very well on the tumblers that I have recently created using this product. I have also put it on one cutting board and it worked well. Would recommend for those looking for a good brand to use for any epoxy resin craft making.

Maraya P.: “Nice big bottles, works very smoothly. Very clear! Very beautiful resin, bubble-free, smell free and it’s just overall the best resin I’ve used!

Jon F Brein: “Good product. Expected much lower viscosity, but is good if warmed up. Microbubbles still present without a vacuum or pressure chamber. All in all, a good resin for casting.

Christopher Bundren: “So for this, I have been shopping around looking at different resins and this one is nice its crystal clear and just like the bottle says it does take 24 hours. I will be buying more, so I do recommend this resin for price and is a good product.

Indigo: “Loved this resin! As clear as glass when not colored and no problem with bubbles at the moment. Have used it to make the above ‘galaxy’ dress as a free form practice after approx 6 hrs and used it in molds and forms. Even one practice free form when wayward when I dropped the one side of it but I partially wrapped it around a stone and now I have a stone stand!
Excellent product. Very much recommended.

Christina Griffiths: “This is the first time I have done anything like this with resin but I wanted to try it on a canvas with the alcohol ink and gilding flakes. I am really pleased with the result and the resin has left a beautiful smooth and shiny topcoat that makes everything look so good. I will be trying more like this in the future and it looks wonderful on my wall.

Crafty Sam: “This was the first time I’d use resin. It was easy to use as read about it on YouTube.
It would have been good to have some tips or hints about this brand enclosed in the box.
As I didn’t see the hint about warming it in a bag till after I’d mixed it. Also, possibly a beginner’s guide too as it is daunting when you first start. Other than that fantastic product set really well.

Craftresin Customers Reviews

Craft Resin FAQ

Whether your item is damaged or is no longer required, Craft Resin can help you out. If you’re not satisfied with your order within 30 days, you may return it to them.

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Final words

You can’t go wrong with Craft Resin products. They are more durable, reusable, less toxic and safer for the environment. If you’re looking for that top grade fumeless odorless and non-toxic epoxy then we welcome you to the Craft Resin™ store.

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