The severed animal body parts are spread along the walls of buildings around the United States. Hunters killed animals for their corpses, bleed them, and used them as home decorations. This is difficult to accept for animal lovers and destroys biodiversity. For that reason, Ecogami is proud to offer a substitute without any animal being killed.

About Ecogami

The founder of Ecogami, Eric, discovered 3D papercraft in 2016.
At the Beginning of 2017, after making a dozen sculptures, he learned to transform a three-dimensional object into a two-dimensional pattern. That is how Ecogami started.

Ecogami  papercraft models

We always loved nature and animals. With the concern about global warming and the decline of biodiversity, that’s why most of Ecogami creations represent animals.

Representing animals is therefore a kind of homage. It is also a universal theme that pleases animal lovers.

One of the benefits of this activity is precisely the final customization. The personalization options are infinite and therefore leave room for imagination. You can see your achievements in assembling models because it is always a surprise!

your own 3D papercraft sculptures

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Things you would love at Ecogami

  • Offering a substitute without any animal being killed
  • Wide variety of animal models
  • Reasonable price
  • Excellent customer service
Ecogami reviews

Ecogami Customers Reviews

Laura: “I love this company, Papercraft Ecogami! I have made several of his templates and just received this template as a gift. The templates are very easy and he is willing to help you if you have any concerns.

Denis: “I recommend this gecko papercraft. Even if you are a beginner in papercraft.
I am very satisfied with this model. The pattern and instructions are clear. I didn’t know how to print the pattern with Kindle so I emailed Eric with my order number and few hours after I had the pattern in PDF format (much easier for me to print) in my mailbox.
Thanks for that great pattern.

Joanna Purcell: “Absolutely love this page I just can’t get enough of them ❤️❤️

sculpture in progress

Deepti More: “Excellent work! I really love your creations. Awesome!

Elaine Honnor: “I thoroughly enjoyed making the I♥U sculpture and my husband adores it.

Sofi: “I only made the head (so far) to model my face mask & bow-tie sets. I blew the patter up to get it closer to a life-size model and I love how it turned out. I really appreciate how you split and preview the individual pattern parts. That made it really easy. I referenced your shop in my listing as well. Once I get more paper I’ll assemble the rest of ‘Kevin’ as well 😊.”

Will Bright: “Easy download, haven’t used patterns yet.

Andrea: “Wonderful product. In the future, if every piece will have a number, it will be easy to construct.

Ecogami FAQ

What is included in the package I purchased?

There are digital files (PDF format) that you could download as soon as your purchase will be confirmed. If you want to, you can print it on normal office paper. This document explains step-by-step how to assemble your sculpture. The other file is the pattern to be print on thick paper.

Could I do it myself?

Of course, everybody can make it. You will just need time, motivation & patience. You can use it to relax with music.

If your child is under 12, I advise you to make it with him/her. Just follow the instructions, you will soon realize that it isn’t so difficult than what it seems.

What type of paper do I need?

Ecogami recommends a paper of at least 200 GSM (Grams per square meter) to make it works perfectly for that kind of sculpture. It is stronger and it gives more strength to the final sculpture. You can print on color paper.

The format of paper/sheet is A3 or A4 – Tabloid or Letter in the USA (some of the sculptures can be printed in A3 or A4 format and it doesn’t change the size of the final sculpture – some of the sculptures have to be printed in A3 or A4).

If I buy a template, how many sculptures could I make?

Once the pattern bought, so you could make the sculpture as many as you want. However, you can’t sell, share, or publish the pattern or the final sculpture as it is prohibited. The creations are protected by Copyright.

How long does it take to make an animal trophy?

It depends very much on the kind of model and on the person who will assemble the sculpture. These sculptures are faceted sculptures. Some have more polygons than others, so they will have more pieces to cut and require more time.

The size of the sculpture also influences the time you complete your final. A large moose trophy for example will have more pages and will be longer to assemble (a minimum of 15 hours) while a small model like the Chihuahua head will be faster (5 or 6 hours).

Contact Ecogami

Ecogami Website

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Ecogami Instagram

Ecogami Twitter

Final words

We always loved nature and animals, but also have the responsibility to take care of everything around us. Ecogami inspires animal lover, save animals by offering a substitute without any animal being killed. Having said all that, these were only seven reasons why Ecogami’s products are good, but we all know there’s even more to it than meets the eye.

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