We are recommended to wear a regular nose and mouth mask, hand washing, and social distancing will help reduce the spread of COVID-19 in the community to protect ourselves and our loved ones. You should wear a mask whenever you come into contact with others from work and when going out.

Wearing a mask not only helps you reduce your exposure to dust pollution but also helps prevent viruses from splashing into the air that others can inhale. When combined with social distance and frequent hand washing, masks help prevent people from accidentally spreading the virus. At Smart Pro Mask, their products impact the safety and protection of everyone out there to make the world a better place.

About Smart Pro Mask

Smart Pro Mask products are manufactured in high-tech factories in Vietnam. Face masks with the soft yet thick layers of Smart Pro Mask will not irritate the skin and provide a padded level of comfort.

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The Smart Pro Mask’s signature subtle pointed shape provides some extra breathing and speaking space for the lips, while glasses wearers get a reduction in fog with a mist protector that diverts airflow.

The Smart Pro Mask is designed to have a softer, elastic ear strap and an adjustable head attachment for a more or looser fit. Don’t get sensitive ear irritation that lasts for hours and work comfortably, as you forget the mask is still there.

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Last updated: June 20, 2024

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Things you would love at Smart Pro Mask

  • Washable, reusable masks at Smart Pro Mask can help reduces air, water and land pollution, limits the need for new natural resources, such as timber, petroleum, fibers and other materials
  • Prevent you from seasonal allergy sneezing, particle pollution or simply covering up a cold sore!
  • Nose wire provides support to the fog guard and helps to prevent sliding.
  • Adjustable ear straps are designed for optimum comfort and fit.
  • Fashionable, comfortable and safe!
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Smart Pro Mask Customers Reviews

Ryan Patton: “As masks go, this is the most comfortable mask with any semblance of protection that I have tried — and I’ve tried a lot. I’ve since bought them for my wife and kids — and by far the best thing I can say is my youngest leaves this mask in place and doesn’t adjust it all day long.
This mask also does the best job of adjusting to facial hair; I have a short beard and it does not seem to impede functionality too much.

Magically Fit: “Love this mask! It’s the most comfortable one I’ve worn. The nose shaper helps make it fit you truly perfectly but is still really soft on your nose so it doesn’t hurt. The ear loops being adjustable are also really nice. I also like that there’s a bit of fabric that goes down just under your chin so it’s not loose. It’s very firm fitting but still super breathable and comfy!

Enrque Poneimansky: “One of the best materials and very consistent structure. Good Job!!

Smart Pro Mask Customers Reviews

Hana: “Honestly didn’t have too many expectations as it’s a mask. I’m pretty neutral to this type of stuff I just want something the fits. When I received it I was honestly surprised how nice it was and really did hit every point it markets on its site. I haven’t had any issues and really might go back and buy more. So soft and breathable for a mask lol.

Kcs Seattle: “There are so many masks out there that it’s overwhelming finding one that checks all of the boxes you want! This want does: great design, which is super comfortable and yet snug and protective, lightweight and still has the filter for double protection and great value for the price. I’ve been wearing it for a couple of days and have found it very comfortable and breathable, which were 2 of my requirements. Would definitely recommend the product. Arrived way faster than expected!

Cambrie Lepine: “I have had the worst luck finding a mask that doesn’t fog up my glasses but the Smart Pro Mask is perfect. It’s less expensive than replacing throw-away masks and definitely more breathable than other masks I’ve tried. I didn’t feel like I was suffocating at all while wearing it. Honestly, it’s just an all-around great mask.

AHS: “I have so many reusable masks, and this is by far the best one in my arsenal. It fits incredibly well and snug, while still being lightweight. It has adjustable sides that means my glasses don’t fog as easily.

Juan Blassco: “I work for the city of Laredo as a customer service representative for the Laredo International airport police. City law requires all city employees to wear a double mask. However, this mask is by far the best mask that I use compared to all the others. There is better protection with this mask and the KN95.

Smart Pro Mask FAQ

Are Smart Pro Mask masks certificated?
These masks are neither certificated nor FDA approved. We are not claiming that our products prevent any illness or disease. They are not recommended for use in surgical settings r where significant bodily or other hazardous fluids may be expected.

Whare are Smart Pro Mask face masks manufactured?
All Smart Pro Mask ar are manufactured in multiple lard production factories located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

How long shipping take?
Due to the current shipping situation of essential items and the high volume of orders, shipping times can vary between 3 to 10 business days. USPS and UPS are their default shipping methods.

I have a question that wasn’t answered, how can I reach them out?
Absolutely! Please reach out to them by email at contact@smartpromask.com or Smart Pro Mask phone number +1 951-230-8884 and they will assist you.

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Smart Pro Mask location: Southern California

Final words

Smart Pro Mask face masks are made from 100% polyester and meticulously designed for fashion and comfort. Smart Pro Mask not only helps protect you from risk but also brings safety and confidence to your daily life. You can purchase Smart Pro Mask products without causing guilt to the environment – they are washable and reusable.

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