All paints are required to contain a minimum of volatile organic chemicals. The good news is that water-based paints contain much lower levels of harmful properties for the environment than oil-based alternatives. This clearly benefits individuals or companies to increase the level of environmental friendliness and economy by using water-based paint instead of oil-based paint. You can now find the best water-based finish at The CrystaLac Store.

About The CrystaLac Company

The CrystaLac Store is the official supplier of all water-based finishing products of The CrystaLac Company.

CrystaLac products are born in Mountain City, Tennessee, USA. CrystaLac Top Coats is proud to be made of the highest quality ingredients and everything is Environmentally Safe! With high responsibility for our planet, they create all Eco-Friendly products that are easy to use and extremely durable. In addition, excellent customer service is always a top priority to help customers always trust back with CrystaLac Company.

CrystaLac water finishing products are carefully developed and researched, with high-grade acrylic and polyurethane resin using the latest water technology.

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CrystaLac finishes can be used as an alternative to nitrocellulose, polyurethane, or varnish lacquer and can be applied to wood, metal, or ceramic products. They dry quickly to form a transparent, non-yellowing, hard, and durable finish.

The CrystaLac finish is designed for use right from the can and is perfect for use with high volume low-pressure equipment (HVLP) or can also be easily brushed.

If you are concerned that CrystaLac products are safe for the environment and health, rest assured that they are Environmentally Safe and deliver professional results.

In terms of health safety, all CrystaLac products are low VOCs, non-hazardous, and non-toxic. They are completely safe to use even indoors. No harmful adulteration or smoke escapes.

In case you are sanding or spraying the products, a mask is recommended. In nearly 40 years of coating manufacture, CrystaLac has never reported an allergic reaction.

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Things you would love at CrystaLac

  • The CrystaLac Company prides itself on being “Green” in everything
  • CrystaLac products manufactured that are well below EPA regulations
  • No Harmful Odors & Fumes
  • Great for use on Furniture, Cabinets, Art, Crafts, Instruments for long-lasting products
  • Excellent customer service
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CrystaLac Customers Reviews

CCGirl: “I purchased this on a recommendation from a chalk paint group. This is a very good product and I have used it on several projects. The number one thing I liked about it is that it did not streak. It can show brush-stroked but that seems to minimize as you add more coats. This topcoat also seems to dry very hard to give nice protection. I used the Satin finish and it’s definitely one of my favorites because it’s easy to work with.

Louis: “The CrystaLac flat matte topcoat is the ONLY product which did NOT yellow over my white chalk dresser and nightstand. Many websites recommended MinWax and Varathane water-based polyurethane/polyacrylic, but I had to send them off as they both yellowed the white chalk paint immediately after it was brushed on. I used 5 coats of this topcoat, and the color was still a true white. Although it’s much more expensive than other brands, I highly recommend it for white paint which is notorious for yellowing after adding a protective coating.

Enidreliv: “It took a very long time to receive the gloss …not important…..the product works very well. It is easy to apply and has no smell. Yippee. My chalk paint project is complete, this was the last step. A project I dreaded was really very easy. I bought everything through and made my own chalk paint because I needed a specific color to match the night tables to the headboard.

Vblmom: “I had painted a desk light gray and finished it with water-based polyurethane recommended by the guy at the hardware store. Within a few weeks, it turned yellow. After doing extensive research, I decided to try the CrystaLac after I had stripped and repainted it. All I can say is wow! It was easier to apply than the poly and left a nice clean finish that is holding up well – no scratches from moving the laptop or office supplies. And most of all, it is clear without any sign of yellowing!

By Steven E.: “I needed a clear finish product that could be applied over a small countertop that was painted whiter and one that wouldn’t turn amber color over time. Fortunately, after a lot of searching, I found this excellent product that has lived up to its advertised qualities! I’m so very happy I decided to give this product a chance to prove itself! It’s so easy to apply, it dries quickly which means I was able to apply the recommended 5 coats in 2 days to achieve an awesome hard finish, the clean up of brushes takes no time at all and I love that the product is sold in plastic containers where the covers snap tightly onto the base. This means the unused portions are safe in containers that won’t rust over time!! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND CRYSTALAC PRODUCTS!!!

Jackie: “Love this stuff!! So happy to no longer need to use Epoxy on my cups!! It’s so much better for me & I can use it inside & around my pets!!

DGB12: “I had applied this to my piece and waited a week then sanded and buffed. The final result was stunning. It was very close to nitrocellulose lacquer without the fumes, hassle, and long wait time to gas off. I applied 5 coats 2 hours apart, waited a week, sanded with 1000 -3000 then buffed. No respiratory protection needed.

Ratliff362: “This makes quitting expoxy easy. No mixing, no strong odor, and great shine for tumblers. You have to apply more coats and let spray paint degas but worth it. Easy cleanup and a little goes a long way. I applied several coats to my tumbler and didn’t even make a dent in the product. I have side effects after aging this and was able to use it in a room. Would recommend any day.

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CrystaLac FAQ

Q: Can I use CrystaLac Top Coats over an oil-based stain?

A: Yes, you can. The only precaution would be to make sure the oil stain has had plenty of time to dry and gas off. If you can still smell it, it’s not dry yet. If in doubt, air your piece out!

Q: Can I use water to thin the topcoats?

A: Most of CrystaLac Top Coats can be easily brushed and are ready to spray without thinning them. If necessary, you can find Viscosity Reducer which will thin the topcoat quickly at The CrystaLac Store. Water will work in this case, but it will take a lot of it and the results will weaken the chemistry of the product.

Q: Can I tint or add color to CrystaLac products?

A: Yes, you can. All CrystaLac Top Coats and even Clear Grain Filler or Wood Putty can be tinted. Any aniline, alcohol, or water-based dyes will work fine. Universal tints will also work. Remember, it is recommended to dilute dyes with a little bit of water before adding them to the CrystaLac products.

Q: Which CrystaLac Product recommended for use over chalk paint?

A: CrystaLac Super Premium All Purpose Top Coat will work perfectly for most projects. It is a Poly/Acrylic water-based Top Coat that dries hard and gives great water resistance. It is available in Matte, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss Sheens. If your project will get a lot of wear such as a tabletop or is exposed to indoor sunlight, CrystaLac Extreme Protection Polyurethane will be perfect.

It is a non -yellowing polyurethane that is super tough and has added UV stabilizers to protect from those fading sun rays. For Exterior Exposure, CrystaLac CrabCoat Marine Finish is ideal.

Contact CrystaLac

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Final words

CrystaLac Waterborne wood finishes would be a safe, environmentally friendly option for your finishing projects, and offer a number of advantages. So if you are looking for Waterborne Finish for your Furniture, Cabinets, Art, Crafts, Instruments…, visit CrystaLac Amazon or The CrystaLac Store to try their darkest products.

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