You might feel uneasy on land, at sea, or in the air of motion sickness, GoPatch can give sufferers the natural relief to lead a full life without limitations.

About GoPatch

GoPatch is an effective homeopathic patch to be used for relief from motion sickness, nausea, hangovers, vertigo, for humans & pets!

Gopatch ingredients are drug-Free and zero side effects. Founder Nicole Burdock has thus far developed two healing patches in the GoPatch series. They are Natural Relief Patch for Motion Sickness and another for Menstrual Cramps.

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Each patch contains a specific homeopathic formula, which is then delivered through a discreet, round patch applied on the human centerline, the navel.

Unlike the side effects of many over-the-counter drugs that you might pick up at the Pharmacy, GoPatch ingredients have absolutely no side effects and are safe for anyone, including children.

GoPatch is one of the businesses that pay attention to global environmental issues. For this reason, they are committed to using a portion of the GoPatch profits donated to The Climate Mobilization Project.

This project develops the movement and calls for people to respond to climate change based on the current emergency. Their work is having a major impact on US and international climate action strategies.

GoPatch product reviews

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Things you would love at GoPatch

  • Combining two systems of natural medicine: Homeopathy and Asian Medicine
  • The first homeopathic formula to be delivered through a patch
  • Completely safe and discreet
  • Deliver fast ­acting relief and stimulate your body’s natural healing response
  • A part of the profits from GoPatch is donated to The Climate Mobilization Project
Gopatch Wellness Patch review

GoPatch Customers Reviews

Victoria Mullinax: “My family suffers from all types of motion sickness whether it be in the car, on airplanes or boats. We have used this product many times for me, my husband, and my young son and it’s worked amazingly every time! I love the fact that it is natural and safe for all of us and also so easy to use! Now we are able to travel and go on many adventures without worrying about getting motion sickness or nausea. Recently I recommended this product to a friend who is going through chemotherapy treatments. She found that it really helps her with nausea and dizziness that are horrible side effects of the treatment. GoPatch is truly an incredible product! It is such a relief to find a product that really works without any toxic chemicals. Thank you GoPatch!

Kate Flanagan: “I have suffered from vertigo for many years and I have always taken medication that made me drowsy for days. It also didn’t relieve my symptoms.
The GoPatch has been a miracle cure for my vertigo and there are ZERO side effects from it. When I feel it coming on, I put the patch on my skin and I can go about my day as I have relief within an hour!
This is an exceptional and very affordable product – Try it!
And finally, it is sold on Amazon!

Dia: “I just used the Go patch for the first time on my flight to Atlanta from San Francisco. I get airsick and I feel so nauseous but not with the go patch. I placed it on my bellybutton an hour before boarding the plane and was feeling great 4 1/2 hours later.

Nancy Seagal: “I love that GoPatch is a drug-free product that works incredibly fast! I had felt nauseous so I applied the patch on my navel and within minutes my nausea was gone! It’s amazing something so simple eliminates nausea so fast without having to take drugs. I highly recommend GoPatch!

Hebatherber Gallagher: “Everyone who has ever suffered from motion sickness or menstrual cramps and needed to take medicine to feel better needs to have GoPatch in their first aid kit. I have been saved by GoPatch so many times and I am so glad I had the patch before I needed it so I had it when I needed it. The magic behind this patch is so profound you will find yourself calling it MagicPatch. Thank you GoPatch for helping heal the world of unnecessary pain one patch at a time.

Brenda Nester: “Love that these are drug-free! Worked amazingly well on my first.

Gopatch Holistic Healing review

GoPatch FAQ

How do GoPatch patches differ from other over the counter medications to treat motion sickness and menstrual cramps?

Both GoPatch Motion Sickness patches and GoPatch Menstrual Cramps patches are a proprietary blend of active homeopathic ingredients. They are free of side-effects and have no known contra-indications.

You will not feel drowsiness when you apply GoPatch patches, unlike many over the counter remedies for motion sickness.

There are no harmful effects on the liver and no risk of overdose with GoPatch patches.

What ingredients are in GoPatch patches?

GoPatch formulas have received US Patents. The Specific ingredient list is found on the respective product information page.

How long does it typically take for a GoPatch patch to relieve symptoms, once applied?

It varies from individual to individual.

Most women have reported immediate relief of period cramps when applying GoPatch Menstrual Cramps patches. Other women experience menstrual cramps relief within 15 minutes. GoPatch recommends you applying the patch ahead of time if you know your period cramps and PMS symptoms are on the way.

When ALREADY experiencing the signs of car sickness and seasickness, individuals report relief within 15-30 minutes of using GoPatch Motion Sickness patches. GoPatch recommends applying our patch BEFORE engaging in activities (flying, boating, cruising, amusement park rides, car rides) or as soon as you experience the first signs.

How long should I wear GoPatch patches?

GoPatch patches can be worn for 12 hours. Skin sensitivity varies between individuals, please adjust accordingly if you have extremely sensitive skin.

Can I use GoPatch patches while taking other medications?

Yes, other medications can be safely taken while using GoPatch homeopathic patches.

Can I use GoPatch patches while pregnant or breastfeeding?

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please ask your health care professional before taking any medication, including GoPatch homeopathic patches.

Can children use GoPatch patches?

Yes, GoPatch Motion Sickness patches are completely safe for use by young children. Please ask your health care practitioner for children under 2 years of age.

Can I take food while wearing GoPatch patches? Are there any foods I should avoid?

To date, GoPatch has not found that eating or drinking alters the efficacy of GoPatch patches in any way. We do advise that you avoid eating mint, either as tea, gum, or candies, as that is known to decrease the action of homeopathic.

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Final words

Taking care of the environment is everybody’s business and GoPatch is one of that. Make the right choice by choosing GoPatch Wellness Patch to support and restore a safe climate and a thriving biosphere.

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