Halloween 2020 begins the festive season with Halloween decorations and candies lined up on every store’s shelves. Parents and children around the country started planning home decorations, Halloween costumes, and preparing Halloween candies. Holidays like Halloween are always the time to buy and sell big products of the year. This has the potential to have a huge environmental impact.

Eco-friendly Halloween Candy

Perhaps the biggest impact you can have is carefully considering eco-friendly options when preparing Halloween treats for Tricks or Treats that appear on your doorstep. If you’re a green consumer looking to make Halloween more sustainable, there are a few steps for choosing eco-friendly Halloween Candy that you can take.

Provides healthy nutritional bar

Protein bars and granola bars are a healthier alternative to sugary candies. Plus, you can choose to buy a large package that will help with less waste.
Search for brands producing based on organic ingredients. The good news is that more and more sustainable businesses strive to drive climate action and exercise green power in supply chains.

Provide candies with natural ingredients

Regular candies are mostly sugar, so they usually provide no health benefits. However, if you are a smart consumer then you probably know that not all ingredients are created equal.

When reading ingredient labels for your Halloween treats, you may not be able to fully understand the meaning of the ingredients added by the manufacturers. So instead of wondering whether these confusing ingredients have two health benefits, look for a more natural option.

Choose homemade candies that use natural ingredients and are free of harmful chemicals.

Encourage the use of natural candies that are made using natural sweeteners such as cane sugar, agave and honey. What is more, instead of using food coloring, these candies are naturally dyed with natural color from beets, cabbage or carrots.

Check out your local market or learn online to order from the natural candy stores.

Choose right chocolate

In any industry, fair trade ensures that workers have a say. That means employers will pay attention fairly to working hours, gender equality, child labor laws and safe working conditions.

With this in mind, look for fair-trade cocoa-based chocolates when choosing your Halloween sweets.

Seeking sustainable candy brand

You can see that plenty of companies are working towards sustainability through renewable energy, water conservation practices, or conscientious material sourcing. Most companies who practice sustainability are transparent about their purchasing, manufacturing, packaging and shipping businesses. So you can easily search for this information on the internet and decide whether to choose to buy from them or not.

Earth-friendly Halloween Candy

Green packing

Millions of trick-or-treaters, each with a bucket full of individually wrapped candies, are a huge waste. With this in mind, think about how to pack your chosen candy. We wouldn’t want plastic packaging to end up in landfills and last for 1000 years.

So, choose paper or any other material that is more biodegradable than plastic. Look for brands packaged with materials that are biodegradable or recyclable.

Buy in bulk

Another earth-friendly option is to make bulk purchases at your favorite store. Because packing each glue individually is an inevitable part of distributing junk food generously. For this reason, purchase large bags and wrap your own foil or other green packaging materials that allows packaging to be recycled.

Of course, you can also easily use earth-friendly packaging materials and will biodegrade sooner than plastic bags.

If you want to go the natural route, fresh fruit like grapes, small apples, sliced ​​citrus is also an option.

In summary

This Halloween holiday is full of opportunities to spend time with loved ones and create special memories. Now, with eco-regard to what you give, those will be eco-friendly Halloween candies when the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood knock on your door. You can enjoy the holiday and still feel good about helping to create a cleaner planet.

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