Many of us look forward to Memorial Day for a big sale or a party to celebrate the passionate summer. However, we must remember this holiday meaning of a tribute to those who have sacrificed their lives for our freedom.

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Enjoy this weekend to enjoy the warm outdoor weather with your loved ones, but still need to be environmentally responsible! With a little planning, it’s easy to get eco-friendly Memorial Day activities into your vacation schedule and family members of all ages can happily do it. Here are some green activities for Memorial Day for the whole family.

Eco-friendly Memorial Day Activities for the Whole Family

DIY decorations for Memorial Day

We can all use patriotism a little more, especially on Memorial Day. To make Memorial Day decorations more eco-friendly, limit or completely eliminate decorations that are sure to be thrown in the trash after use. Instead, let the whole family decorate the home with existing ways of recycling existing things. You can use items from their existing wardrobe or a second-hand store. Involve your kids in these easy-to-make decorations and then remember to keep them for your July 4th festival and create prizes for your most creative ideas.

Visit the White House

You can plan a tour of our nation’s capital this year to find out more details about the architecture and key events. What’s special is that this year you’ll make it more environmentally friendly. That is wearing comfortable shoes and a bike ride. Biking helps you enjoy the early summer days in the great outdoors. Make sure all team members do not bring anything home with you or leave the trash.

Create your own Memorial Day poppy

As you may know, red poppies are worn as a sign of remembrance on Memorial Day. In fact, the Friday before Memorial Day is considered National Opium Day. While you can buy poppy pins from the store, you can also make them yourself in a more earth-friendly way. Poppy flowers are easily made out of tissue paper by following simple step-by-step instructions on the internet.

Cook less meat

If you plan to take part in traditional Memorial Day by hosting a barbecue for friends and family, try following earth-friendly cooking instructions.

To minimize your environmental impact, use less beef and cook chicken, fish, or vegetarian dishes. Don’t forget to serve your meal with reusable utensils and dishes.

Deliver dessert to a local family

If you’re going to make a family dessert for your Memorial Day, double it. Because the sweetest way to show your thanks is by giving a homemade treat to the home of an active or fallen soldier.

Travel by bike

Wear a helmet, ride a bike and go fast or take a long trip with family and friends. Cycling through town or on trails or natural parks is better for the environment, better for your health.

Just because you don’t live near the Arlington National Cemetery doesn’t mean you should give up visiting the cemetery entirely. You can move to attractions by bike, volunteer to decorate graves at the local cemetery. Or simply come to pay your respects to our country’s heroes.

Keep Coupons

Do you know all the coupons hidden in your Sunday paper? Keep them even if they have expired and send them to a military base affiliated with the Overseas Coupon Program. Existing soldiers can use coupons up to six months after their expiration date at the military commissaries, allowing them to save money to support their families and avoid waste.

Visit your local market

Starting of summer is the official start of the farm produce market season. On the weekends, many local growers will return to sell their fresh produce in your neighborhood. Take this opportunity, your family can visit and support local agricultural products. This is not only good for the environment but also to teach your kids about the importance of buying fresh fruit and vegetables grown nearby.

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Plant your own garden

Take advantage of your Memorial Day weekend to start planting trees. Spend your research time online preparing your existing garden or creating a new garden for the upcoming season. Create landscaping ideas for your garden to get your little kids involved in your outdoor projects with these kids’ eco-friendly gardening activities.

Plant your own garden on Memorial Day


Enjoy a safe and environmentally friendly Remembrance Day with your own green ideas or that you have often consulted. Every little action you do contributes to the health of you and the earth every day.

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