Bamboo reminds us of panda bears plowing through the green tree trunks in their daily search for food. But they become sustainable materials to make environmentally friendly products to serve people now. As the fastest growing plant in the world, this growth is both greening the earth and extremely useful for creating the quality products we need. Explore this Seek Bamboo Review to see how eco-friendly bamboo products are.

About Seek bamboo

Seek Bamboo was founded in South Florida, with a mission to give consumers the ability to reduce plastic’s impact on the environment. We have been so familiar with and dominated by plastic products for a long time that it is quite difficult to change. Seek Bamboo aims to change your one-time bathroom habits with affordable, high-quality products that also help you cut down on plastic waste. Sustainable bamboo products will allow you to eliminate plastic and make a difference to our planet!

Seek Bamboo Reviews

At Seek Bamboo, they invest in the future of our planet with sustainable bamboo products to replace single-use plastic products, helping you pay for the eco-friendly market and live responsibly. duty to the earth. Seek Bamboo has been happily putting the planet first since 2016 and helping over 30,000 happy customers drop plastic!

You can easily shop online at Seek Bamboo’s zero-waste online store. From Eco-friendly Floss, Natural Toothpaste Tablets to Bamboo Toothbrush, they are all sustainable.

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Things you would love at Seek bamboo

  • When you can buy an ethically produced and durable product at Seek Bamboo, you’re helping the environment to right this second, but also in the long term.
  • Seek Bamboo use plastic-Free packaging also typically uses less material than traditional packaging, making it another win for the environment.
  • Seek Bamboo uses natural materials to help stop plastic pollution and aid the environment.
  • Zero waste products at Seek Bamboo conserve resources and minimize pollution.
reusable bamboo makeup pads review

Seek bamboo Customers Reviews

Deb E.: “Seek bamboo Reusable Cotton Rounds are Soft, cute, and great quality products. After using their face wash and blotting mg face dry with my towel, I use one of my Seek Bamboo Cotton Rounds to apply my face toner. I spray it on the cotton round and it works SO well!!! Then I put it in the cute baggie for washing and wait for that to fill up. Then I apply my face moisturizer and I feel this is a relaxing way to begin my day!

 Ally: “Very high quality but a little difficult to clean! Seek bamboo Reusable Cotton Rounds do a great job. In order to get them fully clean, I’ve had to start washing them individually by hand with dish soap to get my makeup out of them but it only takes about 5 minutes so it’s not too bad. Definitely, still worth the buy if you’re wanting to decrease your role in single-use waste!

Renee: “I really like them. Eco-Friendly Reusable Cotton Round Bundle is so much better to use than cotton balls! They are very soft too. I was sent two of the ones without charcoal, but that’s okay. I am gifting one, so it took the hard decision of which one to gift out of the equation.

 Steven B.: “Best alternative floss! Bamboo Floss works well and we don’t have to worry about contributing to waste again.”

Janet H.: ” Seek bamboo Reusable Produce Bag is Lightweight and handy. I throw these in my reusable shopping bags for convenience. I really like not having to use plastic bags.”

Trisha B. “This must be all butter! Wow, the smell of this conditioner bar is heaven. It is so creamy in my hair that it feels like I am getting maximum nutrients to my hair. I definitely recommend this coconut conditioner bar.”

Olga B.: “My hair really enjoys this Seek bamboo Honey Gold Shampoo Bar. I feel like a lot of nutrients are received by my hair. It is always so smooth and shiny after.”Lisa M.: “Nice zero-waste kit! I had a month of travel and thought I would try this out…Overall a great experience when using Zero Waste Starter Kit.

seek bamboo floss review

Seek bamboo FAQ

What did Seek Bamboo do to support the earth?

Seek Bamboo has happily put the planet first since 2016. Over 30,000 customers have happily ditched plastic!

Are all Seek Bamboo products environmentally friendly?


How long does it take to ship to my address?

Usually, orders will ship the same day or the next day and arrive in 3-5 business days. They try their best to deliver your zero-waste products to you as soon as possible.

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Final words

Seek Bamboo knows the truth is not so easy to make every shopping decision become a fair decision. That’s where Seek Bamboo implements its mission by investing in the future of our planet with sustainable bamboo products to replace single-use plastic products. At Seek Bamboo, you can choose products sourced, manufactured, and shipped in a way that protects our planet’s future. Hope this Seek Bamboo review built your strong believe in purchasing eco-friendly products from them.

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