Deforestation is a threat to mankind and imparts a balance of nature. When an enormous amount of trees or forest gets compromised for the sake of non-forest use, then it is known as deforestation.

If we take a look back at the statistics of the last century, then it scares us. According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation, almost 18 million acres of forest are lost every year. If we don’t make a move forward, then it will be a matter of time when all the rainforests will vanish from Earth.

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technology that can speed up the afforestation

Additionally, it’s none other than technology that can speed up the afforestation. Well, what causes deforestation? Generally, deforestation is triggered by drilling, mining, farming, and grazing. And, that’s 60% of all cases, whereas urbanisation, wildfires, and other forestry practices are the other responsible factors behind deforestation.

The palm oil that you’re using is produced from forests after cutting them down. Illegal loggers are cutting down trees and forests to make roads. Even natural phenomena such as earthquakes and overgrazing can disturb the growth of forests.

The credit goes to the technology that has paved a way to save forests and nature from aggressive deforestation. The prime tactic to prevent deforestation is to stop deforestation in the first place. Here are a few innovations that the entire world is adapting to save forests.

1.  Google Earth Engine

The first step is to watch over the current scenario of global deforestation. That’s why Google came in partnership with NASA, the University of Maryland, and the U.S Geological Survey to derive the high-resolution map view of the Earth. Apart from watching over the forest maps, it helps in tracking fires, disease, logging, tornadoes, and other factors that can affect forests.

Google Earth Engine provides the most realistic way to keep an eye on the remaining greeneries. Saudi Arabia loses 120000 hectares of forests annually, and this technology can help in tracking soil erosion, landslides, and other changes in the environment. According to the professionals of Samsung repair services Dubai, illegal logging can be prevented by observing the pattern of the Google Earth Engine.

2.  Global Forest Watch 2.0

Similar to Google Earth Engine, Global Forest watch 2.0 is the real-time technology to keep track of deforestation. In addition to this, concerned authorities can prevent the attempts of deforestation. Global Forest Watch 2.0 was initiated in 1997, and it currently has 70 partners worldwide. The objective of this mission is to increase the availability of data regarding global forests.

The prime advantage of Global Forest Watch 2.0 is that – anyone can access global forests data due to its open-source nature. It will definitely help the United Arab Emirates to keep track of logging activities and check other forest management options.

3.  Rainforest Connection

Well, it’s not only about visual clues that can lead us to the hint of abnormal or illegal deforestation of rainforests. Rainforest connection is an audio-based concept that can prevent illegal logging in rainforests. Topher White, the initiative-taker of Rainforest Connection, got his inspiration from the struggles of conservationists in Indonesia. He combined the use of the latest software and mobile devices to produce an effective network across the forest.

Well, the devices should have GPS capabilities and microphones to activate the required functionality. There are potential challenges to this technological initiative. The mobile devices should stay charged all the time to make the audio communication in existence. Solar energy is a magnificent option to overcome this particular challenge.

Rainforest Connection

How does it work, then? When the mobile device hears any truck or chainsaw sound, it automatically sends alerts on the network. The nearest activist can reach and check out what’s exactly taking place at that location.

4.  Application of Stardust

Illegal logging is a headache for everyone. But, thanks to the innovation of Stardust, now you can determine if the wood has arrived from illegal logging. Stardust is a kind of scannable powder that authorities can apply on trees, and it doesn’t harm the tree and the animals around them.

Stardust generates a layer on the wood, and anyone can scan that to detect whether the origin was legal or illegal. And, this is applicable on papers too. Human eyes can’t detect Stardust. Additionally, Stardust can’t ruin the end-product; the major advantage is that it is cheap and toxin-free.

5.  Blockchain

This term might seem awestruck to you, but it’s true. Blockchain is not only meant for the technology that the globe can use for cryptocurrencies. However, researchers have confirmed that blockchain can help in preventing deforestation. The motive is to make forests more valuable. Examples of such a Blockchain initiative are Ubiquity, Terra Zero, and Earth Coin.

It will make the land ownership easy and uninterrupted and also keep it safe from illegal logging. The perk of blockchain technology is that none can tamper with the acquisition; for instance, Terra Zero buys land. And, as it is digital, there’s no scope to check who’s the owner of the land. It can be any human, or company, or the forest itself. There are chances that the forests can regenerate.


Technology can prevent deforestation to a considerable extent. But, it’s not only the technology that can stop it entirely. If we don’t bring changes in our habits, it will be impossible to restrict deforestation. For example, if we don’t discard the use of palm oil, then millions of trees will be chopped down. So, it will be of no use in case we don’t make a cumulative effort to stop deforestation.

Technologies are emerging to help in reforestation and afforestation. On the other hand, recycling can benefit the entire mankind. Therefore, we have to be more environmentally friendly and conscious, so that we can slow down the deforestation process. And, the plant gets its chance to reverse the existing damage.


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