Halolife Mask Review: Eco-friendly and Washable Face Masks

Halolife mask review

The leap in facemask demand has been spurred by the outbreak of a new virus and air pollution. If you have to wear a facemask for many hours, you should find yourself a lightweight mask used by plenty of users in the hope of protection against viruses as well as all airborne pollutants and contaminants…..

While reducing plastic, learn 5 other important ways to stay green

While reducing plastic, learn 5 other important ways to stay green

Serious environmental pollution today will probably make you take more responsible actions to the earth. How to be greener? You often hear that green living is not using plastic. This answer is not wrong, but not enough. Over the past few years, as environmental pollution has been increasingly escalated, air pollution has reached its peak,….

The 3 most popular methods of desalination to turn seawater into freshwater

freshwater to drink

Climate change and environmental pollution are causing human beings to face a serious shortage of clean water. Scientists are always looking for solutions to have enough freshwater to use in daily life. Methods to treat seawater into freshwater are needed in the face of current water shortages. This article will point out three methods of….

What to do with old Jeans? Keep Your Old Jeans a New Life

Handmade Jeans coffee carrier

The fast fashion trend is condemned to hugely wasteful global for the environment and human life. It produces a series of trendy, cheap clothes with lightning-fast spin, but it’s worth noting that it has been the biggest fashion trend in recent years. The kind of clothes known in the fashion industry that causes the most….