8 Tips for Eco-friendly Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Eco-friendly Black Friday

Black Friday 2020 takes place in the context of the world experiencing a serious Covid 19 crisis. However, online shopping still promises a boom during the festive season with the push of this year’s hunt for coupons and gifts. Anyone who makes an effort to reduce waste knows how difficult it can be to maintain….

Eco-friendly Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals 2023

eco-friendly Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Not everyone has enough money to purchase ethically-made gifts at full price, especially when they have multiple things to shop for around the holidays. Black Friday and Cyber Week can be a really great opportunity for income-constrained people to purchase a few ethically made goods at more accessible price points. And sustainable businesses need to….

What is the Future of Travel and Tourism

Future of Travel and Tourism

The world has been fighting Covid-19 for quite a long time, while many are tired of staying at home and yearning to safely fly around the globe again. As the crisis hit, we’ll likely see some changes around the world, including people tending to travel more responsibly and weighing their impact on the destination before….

How to choose Halloween Costumes for an Eco-Friendly Halloween

eco-friendly Halloween costume

People shop more on public holidays of the year. A small holiday like Halloween can mean big waste like candy wrappers, cheap disposable decorations and disposable outfits. This means more waste is generated as well. Halloween 2020 is coming, now is the time to start giving green ideas to have an earth-friendly holiday. Consider eco-friendly….

The Ultimate Guide for Eco-friendly Halloween Candy

Eco-friendly Halloween Candy

Halloween 2020 begins the festive season with Halloween decorations and candies lined up on every store’s shelves. Parents and children around the country started planning home decorations, Halloween costumes, and preparing Halloween candies. Holidays like Halloween are always the time to buy and sell big products of the year. This has the potential to have….

Top Tips for an Earth-friendly Halloween

tips for an Earth-friendly Halloween

Halloween 2020 is approaching. It will be a weekend full of trick-or-treaters the dreadful décor in the department store’s front yard. The adults were wearing horrible makeup with spiked heads or wounds. Every Halloween, many families spend huge sums of money on candy, decorations, and greeting cards, all of which generate huge amounts of waste…..

While reducing plastic, learn 5 other important ways to stay green

While reducing plastic, learn 5 other important ways to stay green

Serious environmental pollution today will probably make you take more responsible actions to the earth. How to be greener? You often hear that green living is not using plastic. This answer is not wrong, but not enough. Over the past few years, as environmental pollution has been increasingly escalated, air pollution has reached its peak,….

What to do with old Jeans? Keep Your Old Jeans a New Life

Handmade Jeans coffee carrier

The fast fashion trend is condemned to hugely wasteful global for the environment and human life. It produces a series of trendy, cheap clothes with lightning-fast spin, but it’s worth noting that it has been the biggest fashion trend in recent years. The kind of clothes known in the fashion industry that causes the most….